Leana Niemand has ridden her bike in more countries than most people will ever visit. She started in South Africa seven years ago and as she says “..once you’re on the road, there’s just no reason to stop” Bike Touring News caught up with her in Boise last week and recorded our conversation to create the podcast which you can listen to by clicking the player icon at the bottom of this post.

We were impressed with Leana’s unassuming and relaxed demeanor and were a little surprised by her uncomplicated approach to touring. Hopefully we asked the questions other tourists and would be tourists might have about traveling in other countries and about what it’s like to travel alone. This episode is about 40 minutes long. By the time you read this I hope to have this and other podcasts in the iTunes directory so it will be easier to listen to on other devices. The iTunes podcast channel will be called “Bike Touring News Podcast”.

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Idaho Hot Springs Maps

Adventure Cycling Association has recently released their Idaho Hot Springs Maps. There are two maps; the Main Route which describes a 517 mile loop beginning and ending in Idaho City and the Single Track Options map which outlines about 227 miles of optional loops off the main route. The main route is divided into a [...]

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Little Jimmy Scott

As I write this I'm listening to David Byrne's song  Heaven as interpreted by Jimmy Scott. Jimmy Scott passed away Thursday, June 12, 2014. He was 88. This article at theguardian.com highlights five of his performances and gives a little bit of background about his life and career. I became a fan of his during [...]

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Jones Bars

Journalism is a tough business. Those not involved don't understand the sacrifices reporters make in order to enlighten and entertain them. As an example, I could not get the wi-fi connection to work at the Woodland Empire brewery and I had to walk almost 200 feet to Pre-Funk tap room in order to find a [...]

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Revelate Designs Frame Bags for Bikepacking and Bike Camping

Bike Touring News carries the full line of Revelate Designs products (when we can get them; these things are popular and, since they are all made in the US on a relatively small scale, sometimes they are out of stock). We are also one of four Authorized On-Line Dealers in the U.S. Revelate Designs "are [...]

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