Empowering The Bicycle Traveler

About The Bike

Almost any bike can be loaded up and taken on tour but certain features can make one bicycle better suited than another. And most bike shops don’t have a clue about what makes a good touring bike. Trusting would be cyclo-tourists might find themselves with a machine better suited to racing or spirited club rides than all day slogs with 30 or 40 pounds of gear attached. Sizing, fit and setup also affect how well a bike will perform on tour. Trying to figure all those things out can be overwhelming. That’s what we’re here for! We have experience with that sort of thing.

Here is a list of articles about touring bike size and fit.

What makes a bike better suited for touring than say for racing? Comfort, durability and the ability to carry a load.

Here you can read some of our articles:

We’re not saying that a person has to drop thousands of dollars to get the perfect bike before they can be a “bike tourist”. There are people who have traveled thousands of miles on ill-fitting department store bikes. And some mountain bikes from the ’80’s make fantastic touring machines. But a bike that fits and is made for carrying a load will allow one to concentrate on having fun, and to forget about the bike.