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People often tell us they have always wanted to go on a bike tour or that they have done some touring in the past and would like to take it up again. But they don’t know where to begin.

Our goal is “Empowering the Bicycle Traveler” which means we provide the information you need to help you use the bicycle….whether that means riding to the grocery store or to work, going on an overnight camping trip or riding your bicycle across the country.

The blog you’re reading is the “News” part of Bike Touring News. Here we provide tips and how-tos of bike touring, resources for the bicycle traveler, product reviews, opinions, propaganda and other apocryphal bloviations. We also have an online store and a retail storefront located in Boise, Idaho. We only sell products we have used ourselves and which we think provide good value.

We are Stacy (a.k.a. Sky King) and Jim (a.k.a. Bike Hermit) We belong to the group of people who have toured in the past and now, after raising a family, we started this business. We are excited about the current resurgence of interest in bike touring, and want to share whatever skills, or knowledge and experience we have. We will share stories and journals of our new adventures here as well. We are always learning new things and meeting new, interesting people and we’ll share those stories as well. It’s been a fun trip so far and we hope you’ll join us here on the blog and/or on one of our local, informal bike tours.

Happy Riding

Jim and Stacy