Empowering The Bicycle Traveler


The Bicycle Threat

 ASLE is an acronym for the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment. Those words together in that order adumbrate concepts beyond the scope of these pages, indeed, concepts beyond the understanding of yours truly. Evan Worthington, who is one of the Boise BLM Wilderness Rangers forwarded to me a draft of a paper Read More

Idaho Hot Springs Maps

Adventure Cycling Association has recently released their Idaho Hot Springs Maps. There are two maps; the Main Route which describes a 517 mile loop beginning and ending in Idaho City and the Single Track Options map which outlines about 227 miles of optional loops off the main route. The main route is divided into a Read More

Tour De Cure Women’s Bike Series

We received a call the other day from someone about the Tour De Cure Women Series coming up in Santa Barbara on October 27th.  At first, my thought was why are you calling us, we are in Idaho.  Thankfully the light bulb went on quickly and I was flattered that she recognized Bike Touring News Read More

Is It Weird To Ride A Bicycle?

".......because when everybody’s weird, no one is". -from New Belgium's fourth commandment of the Tour de Fat. Before I start let me say that I have nothing against the idea of raising money for good, bike oriented non-profits. Boise Bike Project, South West Idaho Mountain Bike Association and Treasure Valley Cycling Alliance are fantastic organizations Read More

Bike Touring and Riding Defensively

  There are two occupants in the grey Honda Element and as they drive past me the passenger shrieks some sort of primal scream. I don't think it is meant as encouragement to me. I don't think I did anything to irritate these people, but maybe I did. Maybe I forced them to slow down Read More

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