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Rivendell Bicycles

A Tough Decision

A few years ago I bought a Rivendell Roadeo frame set. I always wanted a modern version of the Bridgestone RB-1 but Grant told me that would never happen. The RB-1 was a great bike and they sell for more nowadays than they did new, but Grant made compromises to satisfy sales people and company Read More

Chapter Last- Ready To Ride

The Renovelo project is complete and delivered to the customer. The final steps were wrapping the handlebars and installing the SKS P45 fenders. The Fizik Micro-Tex tape has a really nice feel and appearance and I know it's durable. The P-45 fenders are sized nominally for 700c wheels and tires, but the 650b Nifty Swiftys Read More

Chapter Two – Almost Finished

This is the third installment of posts about putting together a touring bike starting with a bare frame. The others can be found under "Rivendell Bicycles" The new 127 mm spindle length bottom bracket from IRD works perfectly with the IRD crankset, and the rest of the build went smoothly. Here's a short rundown of Read More

Chapter One- A Rookie Mistake

Now that I have all the parts, it's time to start bolting them onto the bike. And the first part out of the box is this piece of jewelry: Interloc Racing Design is a small company that has been around since 1984 and the moniker seems a little dated since they now make a lot Read More

Over the next week or so I will be putting together this: This bike will be used for touring and this is an ideal frame with which to start. The steel tubing is of a gauge or thickness to contribute to the rigidity of the bike when loaded, and the geometry of the bike will Read More