Empowering The Bicycle Traveler


Switching from drop style handlebars to an upright, swept back handlebar can change the functionality and personality of a bicycle. And sometimes a change can be good, maybe turning an unused bike, or one that may duplicate another bike in one's stable of bikes, into the go to, everyday machine. From This: To This: One Read More

Quill Stems

Quill stemsinsert into the threaded steer tube on a bicycle fork and are held in place by means of a bolt which tightens a wedge inside the tube. The other type of stem commonly used is a so-called threadless stem which clamps to a threadless steer tube. Quill stems and threaded steer tubes are less Read More

Brooks Saddles

J.B. Brooks took out the first patent for leather saddles in 1882, and the company that bears his name has been making them ever since. Brooks saddles have become iconic, known for their good looks, comfort and durability. This two part video relates a little more about the history of the company and shows the Read More

Let's review. We know that v-brakes, also called linear pull brakes, require a brake lever configured to "pull" more cable than do side pull or cantilever brakes. We also know that so called aero style drop bar levers fit on drop bars and on moustache bars. (it's a diameter thing) And those levers have rubberized Read More

Drop Handlebars/Brake Levers

So, the question came up about which brake lever to use on a Nitto Grand Randonneur handlebar. That's sort of a two part question. In order to answer it we need to delve into brake calipers. Some common brake calipers are: Cantilever Sidepull Center Pull Linear Pull a.k.a V-Brake Stupid v-brake. It throws a monkey Read More