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Touring Bike Components

Jones Bars

Journalism is a tough business. Those not involved don't understand the sacrifices reporters make in order to enlighten and entertain them. As an example, I could not get the wi-fi connection to work at the Woodland Empire brewery and I had to walk almost 200 feet to Pre-Funk tap room in order to find a Read More

Phil Wood Co.

The Bike Touring News store now has Phil Wood bottom brackets for your Long Haul Trucker (or even brand x touring bikes!) builds. Phil Wood has gained a reputation over the last 40 years or so for being the standard in durable, strong and serviceable bottom brackets. Here's a short pictorial guide Read More

Wheel Size- Myth and Theory

Every size of the Long Haul Trucker bicycle, from the tiny 46cm bike to the gargantuan 64cm bike is available with 26" wheels. 56cm and larger frames also come in 700c wheel versions while 54cm and smaller bikes only come with 26" wheels. Why do they do that? Why can't you buy a smaller bike Read More

The temperature is going to be well below freezing this New Year's Eve day and several inches of snow have fallen in the last 48 hours. A combination of de-icer, sand spread by the highway district and traffic has left the busiest roads mostly bare and dry. But driveways and side streets are covered with Read More

A Bike Touring Wheelset

A hub is laced to a rim with spokes and nipples in order to create a wheel. Elementary I know but semantics are important if the aspiring bike tourist is to make him/her self understood. I don't want to go into how to build a bicycle wheel because there are hundreds of YouTube videos and Read More