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Oregon Manifest/Cargo Bikes – Part Two

Dan Boxer makes Boxer Bicycles. For the 2011 Oregon Manifest Constructor's Challenge he came up with this "cycle truck" He told me it's a departure from his normal bike, but he has a pretty new addition to the family (congrat's Dan) and he wanted a utility bike that he could ride to the store and Read More

Oregon Manifest/Cargo Bikes – Part One

With over 30 entries the 2011 Oregon Manifest Constructor's Challenge is a challenge for the reporter. I have decided to break the reviews up into categories, the first installment of which will be cargo bikes. These are bikes loosely in the tradition of the Dutch Bakfiets or freight bikes with a large platform or container Read More

Chris King Factory Tour Update

We were privileged to go along on the press tour of the Chris King factory in conjunction with the 2011 Oregon Manifest Constructor's Challenge. I had no expectations for the tour but I came away with a better understanding of what an important company this is. It is the company that doesn't exist in America Read More

Oregon Manifest – The Route

The Bike Hermit joins the group today as the Oregon Manifest Field Trials get underway.  The entrants are only allowed to take a tube and tire levers as the ride is the true test of the bikes integrity.  We hear that surprises are in store along the way.  Am counting on the Bike Hermit to Read More

All of the photos used in this post were taken from the Oregon Manifest site. Credits should be given to PDXCROSS and/or Mike Davis   In 1934 a group of young riders in France organized the first technical trials, conceived to determine the best touring bicycle. Over the course of three days the entrants were Read More