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Oregon Manifest

From the site of the Oregon Manifest: The two-wheeled revolution won’t come on the saddle of a race bike or a specialty bike. The utility bike is the transportation mode of the future for millions of Americans who want to live healthier, more sustainable lives, but don’t think of themselves as “cyclists.” The key to Read More

NAHBS 2011, Austin, TX

We are in Austin for the 2011 North American Handmade Bicycle Show. Framebuilder Don Walker had the brainstorm for this show and produced the first one in 2005 in Houston, TX. The show has grown over the years but still showcases only those bikes made by hand, in the exhibitor's shop. Today Dario Pegoretti, Ben Read More

As the Bike Hermit I give myself permission to indulge my reclusive nature. As the North American distributor for Zimbale, a line of traditional style saddlebags crafted in Korea, I sometimes need to bear the discomfort of being in large groups of people. Such as the circus that is Interbike. This year I am looking Read More