Empowering The Bicycle Traveler


August 3, 2011 Crack....Thump....Whoomp I'm flat on my back on the ground. "Are you OK?" "Yeah, I'm OK.......are you OK?" "Yeah" For all of the trees around here, most of them are massive cedars and they are too big to tie the hammock straps. Earlier, I had tied one end of each hammock to what Read More

August 2, 2011 Each decision we make when bike touring is meaningful and can have an impact that is more significant than it might be if we were traveling by automobile. I have developed a habit of stopping at produce stands, grocery stores and restaurants if they look decent whether or not I need to Read More

August 1, 2011 It's only about 46 miles from Fay Bainbridge State Park to Fort Worden State Park in Port Townsend. By the time we were finished riding on the day we had covered 58 miles. After a few miles on the scenic pastoral backroads we were back to the treacherous 305. Crossing the Agate Read More

On the 28th of July we drove to Bellevue, WA to attend a relative's wedding. On the 4th we are going to Sky King's family reunion on Snoqualmie Pass. In the intervening days we are bike touring. Originally I was going to post a journal on crazyguyonabike, but that site has been down today while I'm Read More