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Racktime Travel-It

(NOTE 10/31/2016: Racktime no longer has a distributor in the USA) (NOTE 11/12/14:  Since this review, Sky King has used these panniers a several trips and the performance was most excellent.) This is not really a review- I have not had a chance to actually use the Racktime Travel-It panniers yet- more like my impressions Read More

Racktime Tour-It

We just received the  Tour-It rack and the Travel-It front and Travel-It rear panniers from Racktime for the Bike Touring News Store. Ortlieb, Tubus and Racktime  all come from the same company with the Racktime products intended for those who don't want to pay Ortlieb and Tubus prices. Naturally, as with any new gear, I Read More

@#!% Flat Tire

There are dozens of videos out there about changing a flat tire. None with background music by Sonny Stitt.  Here's one! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ArMyDoBZUM A couple of things. Notice that I just lay the bike on it's side with the derailleur up. That's an easy way to do it when you're on the side of the road Read More