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Google tells me some posts get more visits than others. Here is a list of the most visited posts on Bike Touring News:

A Comfortable Place to Sit

One of the most important factors to an enjoyable bike trip, but one that’s often overlooked or discounted…..
Saddle Comfort and Bike Touring

The Fat-Bike Phenomenon
So-called “fat-bikes” with tires up to almost five inches in diameter are in danger of becoming mainstream….
Surly Pugsley and Pug Ops

Big Wheels or Little Wheels?
“Seriously, ask yourself this: is a Formula 1 race car slower than a John Deere tractor?”- surlybikes.com……
Wheel Size-Myth and Theory

New (for 2014) Surly Bikes
Wherein the enginerds at Surly Bikes work (?) overtime…..                                                    Surly E.C.R. And Straggler Bikes

Ostrich Bags- “KABAN for JITENSHA”                                                               “Excellent Equipment of Pack and Carrying Gear for All Cyclists at Heart”……                                 Ostrich Handlebar Bag

The Best Bicycle Tire Pump
Zefal makes the best pumps. Made in France……                                                                 Zefal HPX Frame Pump

Comfortable Hands!
We have several posts about handlebars but this one is the most popular……                                   4 Handlebars

Touring Bikes- How To Pick The Right Size
Deliquesce the myths and folk tales permeating bike fit and sizing…..
Right Size Touring Bike