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Sky King’s take on Austin

While much of our time in Austin was spent inside at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, we did get out and about a bit.  Most of these photo’s were taken with my phone but thought it would be fun to give you a little view of some of the things we saw.

I must confess, on day one, we observed a gentleman riding his bicycle wearing nothing but a G-string, way too much information for us.  Needless to say we decided no one else needed to be exposed to that either.

Ironwork Arch in East Austin

As a bit of a history nut, I imagine this Arch as an entrance to East Austin that the community installed to declare a neighborhood existence beyond downtown Austin. Now somewhat drawfed by I35 it still stands with pride.

Also in East Austin was this funky neighbor music venue and some interesting tiled mosaic murals.

Neighborhood music venue

tile mosaic mural

Eating at Scholz Garten, was a treat, Only a few blocks from the stadium where the Texas Longhorns play basketball, the place was packed with people wearing orange t-shirts with longhorns but cleared out quickly once the game commenced. Scholz was established in 1866 and prides itself in serving German Food but they also make a pretty decent pulled pork sandwich!


The Bar At Scholz Garten, serving beer and German Food since 1866

Our “go to” beer in Austin quickly became the Live Oak Big Bark, interesting taste, not real hoppy and a bit of blend between a black IPA and a Red Ale. Of course Jim could probably go into way more detail, but I just drink them.

The Live Oak Big Bark quickly became our beer of choice (sorry Lone Star)

Mellow Johnny’s was a big supported of the North American Handmade Bicycle show. They hosted a huge party Friday night but didn’t have honky tonk so we cruised the shop and then departed. We are happy to say they are a dealer for Zimbale North America and had the bags displayed beautifully. To bad this photo doesn’t do justice to this bike. Similar to the Surly Big Dummy and Mellow Johnny’s decked it out with propane hot plate and mixing bowls – was pretty entertaining. The panniers are Giant – could probably stuff two kids, all the groceries and the kitchen sink.

Treks extended bicycle

The Bike Hermit has the highest metabolism of anyone I know so finding Whole Foods was on the top of the list. The Austin store is the flag ship and a must visit for anyone who goes to Austin. I thought this “desert” stream in their landscaping was quite pleasant and deserving of a photo.

When at the Austin Whole Foods, be sure to admire the desert stream.

As I failed to do much research prior to our trip regarding bike rental options, I was the queen of walking. BUT just so you know, Austin Bike Tours and Rentals not only rents bikes they deliver and pick them up when you are done – DANG
I walked past this very clever bike rack, if you have any old frames in your garage, just weld them together!

recycled bike frames make a great bike rack!

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