Empowering The Bicycle Traveler

The Bicycle Threat

 ASLE is an acronym for the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment. Those words together in that order adumbrate concepts beyond the scope of these pages, indeed, concepts beyond the understanding of yours truly. Evan Worthington, who is one of the Boise BLM Wilderness Rangers forwarded to me a draft of a paper presented by Matthew Pangborn at the 2015 ASLE Conference in Moscow, ID. Mr. Pangborn gave permission to Evan to share the paper as he sees fit, so I consider that permission to have accrued to me. The paper presents ideas I have often had but communicates them in ways I never could. In the paper a bicycle becomes a text, is seen as a triviality, then as an annoyance and finally as a threat. Hope you enjoy it and will respond with comments.

(I should have checked with Mr. Pangborn first. Because of the arcane rules of traditional publishing he would not allow me to post this. Trust me though; it was real good.)

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