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Tour De Cure Women’s Bike Series

Tour De Cure women's series

We received a call the other day from someone about the Tour De Cure Women Series coming up in Santa Barbara on October 27th.  At first, my thought was why are you calling us, we are in Idaho.  Thankfully the light bulb went on quickly and I was flattered that she recognized Bike Touring News as a way to promote both the ride and awareness of Diabetes.  I think everyone of us knows a diabetic and personally I can’t wait for better treatment options and a cure.  While my Dad doesn’t have diabetes he has the same circulation problems that many diabetics have and treating the open sores on his feet and toes is a constant battle.

Ride on to support those who can’t.

So all of you within striking distance of Santa Barbara,  here is the scoop.  Tour De Cure 

October 27, Santa Barbara, California

Send us photos and we will post them in our Traveler’s Gallery

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