Empowering The Bicycle Traveler

Ryan King

New Partnerships, New Products!

While the Bike Hermit and Sky King are gallavanting around Mexico drinking beer and camping under the stars, there has been a lot going on around Bike Touring News HQ!   We're constantly on the lookout for components and accessories to enhance your experience, help you ride more and have more fun doing it.  To that Read More

As you may already know, the Bike Hermit and Sky King have pedaled into retirement from bike shop life and are currently making their way south along the Baja Divide.  As of this writing, they've completed the first five segments of the route and are currently resting up in Vicente Guerrero in preparation for what Read More

It is no secret that Surly builds versatile, durable bikes that are adaptable to a wide range of uses and conditions.  They also deliver bang for the buck that is pretty darn hard to beat.  When Micah started thinking about a new city bike, there were tons of options on the table.  After much deliberation Read More

At Bike Touring News, we believe that holidays are times to spend with family and friends, sharing experiences and creating memories.  We've never really gone in for the whole "Black Friday" concept.  We'd much rather celebrate with a good bike ride, a home-cooked meal and a tasty beverage than a melee of consumerist excess. In Read More

I Hate Goodbyes…

This day has been coming for a long time but that doesn't make it any easier.  The Bike Hermit and Sky King gave a characteristically unceremonious final farewell and walked out the door of Bike Touring News HQ today.  We're not likely to see them around these parts for many months at the very least.  Read More