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Smoke ‘n’ Fire400 – Bikepacking Endurance Testing

No surprise to our readers but bikepacking, and the bikepacking gear, gadgets and bikes to accommodate such activities, continues to grow in popularity.  As people who like to travel off the beaten path we really appreciate these innovations and continue to bring new items into our store, plus take advantage of them ourselves.

Three years ago, inspired by their participation in Ride the Divide, a group of fellow bike packing addicts launched an Idaho “race” aptly named the Smoke’n’Fire400.  Late summer in Idaho is also fire season, this year’s major fire began way back in mid-July and is still going strong. So strong it’s resulted in a major reroute of the 3rd annual ride.  Regardless, the ride’s popularity has been fabulous.  Bike Touring News has enjoyed working with many of the riders, it’s made for a fun summer and fall.  In addition to Revelate Designs Gear, we added Ortlieb and Apidura to our bag line and are looking forward to some reviews.  Other much needed items on this years 450 mile jaunt are reliable lights.  We think the Busch & Mueller selections we’ve recommended will be stellar.

This years ride kicked off in Hyde Park with an informal gathering.  Sun Ray Pizza and the ride organizers graciously agreed to let Bike Touring News contribute a keg of Highland Hollow Beer ;).  Revelate Designs donated a Sweetroll for our raffle and the crowd was very appreciative.  It’s always good to see how other riders choose to pack and we couldn’t help but snap some photos.  You can follow the progress of the riders on Track Leader as they bounce and maneuver their way along double track, single track and more. Hard to believe some will likely complete this in less than two days. Personally, I look forward to hearing from the “folks like me” who will be taking a slower pace and not hesitating to stop to smell the flowers, get some sleep and eat a real meal.


Masters of organization and planning


Apidura Frame Bag


Dave’s taking his Bike Touring News Water Bottle – nice!


SON Dynamo Hub – no fail on Fisher Creek


Revelate Designs Ready


One of our favorite Lights, the Edulux – great beam pattern


How to take advantage of a Revelate Sweetroll (sorry bout the blur)


Going Lite


Well planned cockpit


Josh & Valerie’s Sleek Tandem


locked and loaded


Count the bikes 🙂


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