Empowering The Bicycle Traveler

Touring Bike Components

Bottom Brackets

At the risk of talking down to some readers and over the head of others I feel the need to explain the term "bottom bracket". According to Sheldon Brown's Bicycle Glossary a bottom bracket is: The part of the frame around which the pedal cranks revolve, also the bearings and axle assembly that runs through Read More

A Trio of Tough, Top-Notch Tires

We travel, in a week, to the high desert south of Boise for a three day ride on mostly unpaved roads. For the rough, loose surfaces we have outfitted our bikes with wider tires. More air volume at lower pressures is going to make for a smoother ride and a wide footprint will float over Read More

I recently changed handlebars on my A. Homer Hilsen. Going from the 48cm Dirt Drop bars to the same model in the 52cm width will hopefully provide a more natural position for my arms and give better stability for the loaded bike. The clamp bolt on one of the brake levers was somehow stripped or Read More

More on Touring Pedals

The Bike Hermit has a pair of MKS Unique pedals purchased in 1972 for the then princely sum of $25.00. The Mikashima Industrial Company, LTD in Japan has been making pedals since 1946 and is obviously doing something right. What follows is an overview of two of the dozens of pedal models the company offers Read More

The Bicycle Wheel

What makes a good wheelset for loaded bicycle touring? Durability will probably rate high in any list of desirable attributes. So, what makes a bicycle wheel durable? Rims: An extruded aluminum double wall rim with a box section for strength. Drilled for 32 or 36 spokes with eyelets in the spoke holes. Eyelets can help Read More