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The Bike Hermit has a pair of MKS Unique pedals purchased in 1972 for the then princely sum of $25.00. The Mikashima Industrial Company, LTD in Japan has been making pedals since 1946 and is obviously doing something right. What follows is an overview of two of the dozens of pedal models the company offers today, the Sylvan Touring and the RMX Sneaker pedals.


MKS Unique

two MKS brand pedals, side by side

The MKS Sylvan Touring pedal is on the left, the MKS RMX Sneaker pedal is on the right

mks touring and sneaker pedals

The MKS Sylvan Touring pedal in front of the MKS RMX Sneaker pedal.

The RMX pedals weigh just under 400 grams for the pair. Same as the Sylvan Touring pedals. Both pedal models use a cone and loose ball bearing system so they are user serviceable. The Touring model has a larger diameter axle and larger ball bearings which may make it more durable than the RMX pedal.

end view of pedals with dustcaps removed

Removing the dust caps reveals the larger axle and bearings of the Touring model on the top.

Aside from the apparent difference in size and shape, there are some functional aspects to consider as well. The RMX Sneaker pedal, because of the way the cages are made, will not accept any sort of toe clips or straps, but the Sylvan Touring model will. Either traditional toeclips with straps or the Power Grip system will work.

power grip strap kit

The Power Grip strap kit comes with all the pieces needed to bolt them onto a set of pedals.

power grip strap adapter bolted onto a pedal

Pedals with flat sides to the cage and two bolt holes will accept the angled adapter plate which comes with the Power Grip Strap kit.

Some people prefer to not be attached to the pedal in any way, and they are entitled to their wrong headed opinions. (just kidding) For those people either the RMX or the Touring pedals will work. For those who want a little bit of added security and who, like the Bike Hermit, are not coordinated enough to keep their feet on the pedals in all conditions, the Sylvan Touring model with toeclips or Power grip straps would be a good choice. Based on past experience, either set of pedals should give years of dependable performance.

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