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Ostrich S-2 Saddlebag

The Ostrich S-2 saddlebag is a traditional canvas saddlebag meant to be attached to the loops built into the rear of most leather saddles. These are made in Japan;  "Excellent Equipment of Pack and Carrying Gear for All Cyclists at Heart"  Nice!  It has been discovered, although not by me, that this bag also fits Read More

Bike Touring News carries the full line of Revelate Designs products (when we can get them; these things are popular and, since they are all made in the US on a relatively small scale, sometimes they are out of stock). We are also one of four Authorized On-Line Dealers in the U.S. Revelate Designs "are Read More

Recently we received the BikeCharge Power Pack by Tigra Sport and the BikeCharge Power Converter by Tigra Sport for review. The Power Pack is a storage battery with USB output for charging electronic devices, and a micro USB input. The Power Converter converts the A.C. power from a 6 volt dynamo hub to D.C. so Read More

A Rear Rack on the Surly ECR

I was a stumped for a little while recently when a customer asked about a rear rack for her new Surly ECR. Most standard rear racks are either not tall enough or not wide enough to clear the massive 29x3 Knard tires. I figured Channing at Old Man Mountain would have some ideas- since he Read More

Salsa Wanderlust Rear Bicycle Rack

Recently I experienced some discomfiture when I realized the Salsa Wanderlust rear rack would not fit on a Surly Long Haul Trucker. Because the top platform was so long and extended so far forward it actually came into contact with the seat stays, making it impossible to mount the rack so that the top platform Read More