Empowering The Bicycle Traveler


A bicycle with disc brakes can present some challenges when it comes to attaching fenders and, sometimes, racks. Especially tricky is the front wheel where the brake caliper is bolted onto the adapter on the back side of the left fork blade. In my experience the Gilles Berthoud stainless steel fenders are the perfect fender Read More

The temperature is going to be well below freezing this New Year's Eve day and several inches of snow have fallen in the last 48 hours. A combination of de-icer, sand spread by the highway district and traffic has left the busiest roads mostly bare and dry. But driveways and side streets are covered with Read More

Fenders, a Comparison

(Update 10/2/2014: SKS have updated their fender line and the Chromoplastic fenders and Longboard fenders have been combined and are now called SKS Chromoplastic Longboards) The SKS Longboard fenders are in at the Bike Touring News Store. I have been anxious to see how long these really are. So I did a side by side Read More

More On Honjo Fenders

I have been researching other resources for Honjo fenders in preparation for adding them to the store and to supplement my post on touring bicycle fenders. I came across this article on Raymond Parker's VeloWeb. The web address is http://veloweb.ca (he's Canadian eh.) Very detailed and well photographed instructions there. While he is installing Honjo Read More

Touring Bicycle Fenders- An Overview

Arguably, fenders are one of the essential accessories for the touring bicycle. Even in Death Valley, one of the driest places in the world,  it does rain.  And I say arguably, because, as you can see on this Adventure Cycling forum, people argue. When riding offroad in wet conditions, mud packing between the tires and Read More