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Selle An-Atomica Saddle

“Saving Your Butt, One ride at a Time”  What a great tag line!

The saddle has a layer laminated to the underside for more support.

Customer feedback and diligent perusal of various on-line forums (somebody’s got to do it, the internet’s not going to read itself!) encouraged us to stock the Selle Anatomica saddles in the store. The saddles have a long cutout intended not only to relieve pressure but to allow the two sides of the saddle to move independently.

We have not had the chance to test these saddles but Selle An-Atomica claims there is no break in period.             Here we compare and contrast the Selle An-Atomica Titanico and the Brooks B-17 Imperial:

The Brooks B-17 Imperial on the left, Selle An-Atomica Titanico on the right


The Selle An-Atomica on the left, Brooks B-17 on the right.


The Brooks B17 on the left, Selle An-Atomica on the right


The Selle An-Atomica nose bolt can be used to adjust the tension of the saddle and takes a 5 mm hex wrench. The bolt on the Brooks requires a special wrench, which is provided with the purchase of a saddle.

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