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The Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route by the Adventure Cycling Association consists of two maps; the Singletrack Options Map and the Main Route Map. The main route describes a 518 mile loop around central Idaho with over 40 hot springs along the way. There are four options, designated as Singletrack Options, off the main route and these are detailed in the Singletrack Options Map.

The Adventure Cycling Association warns on their maps;
“Many wild, remote stretches exist along the route……..High temperatures, lofty elevations, wild animals, wild fires, inclement weather (including lightning storms, snow storms and extremely strong winds), and other potential hazards are plentiful”

Because conditions are so variable we decided to make this page to provide links to posts on this site relating to each section of the route as defined by the ACA maps. Those who have ridden any or all of the sections are invited to relate trail/road conditions at the time of their ride. If enough people contribute, this could be a close-to-real-time account for anybody considering doing sections of the route. We have created a separate post for each section of the route. Please add your route reports or ask questions on the appropriate post by using the “comments”.
Lowman Cutoff & Boise Spur
Idaho City-Featherville
Featherville – Ketchum
Ketchum – Stanley
Stanley – Warm Lake
Warm Lake – McCall
McCall – Cascade
Cascade – Crouch
Crouch – Idaho City

Willow Creek Option
White Cloud Option
Secesh Option
Eagle’s Nest Option