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IHSMBR – Secesh Option

This post is a placeholder for comments on the specific section of the Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route maps published by Adventure Cycling Association. People who have ridden this section of the route are encouraged to report on current conditions by using the Comments. The reliability and timeliness of the reports depend solely on the contributors. Bike Touring News takes no responsibility for any outdated or inaccurate information here. For an index of all the sections of the route please see this page.

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  • Bike Hermit™ September 8, 2014, 3:51 pm

    So we found the Bear Pete Trail and rode it. Here’s proof.
    Watch for the new page with links to posts with current-ish conditions of these routes. The page link will be in the right column.

    Bear Pete Trail from Aileen Frey on Vimeo.


  • Pete Neisen September 8, 2014, 4:02 pm

    A small group of us “rode” the Bear Pete Trail portion of the Secesh Option this past weekend. I say rode in quotes because once on the single track, we had to hike a lot. Pretty much every portion of the trail that has any grade is torn up and severely rutted by motorcycle traffic making it unrideable. It was really a workout with a loaded Pugsley. While the scenery was awesome and the place we camped along the trail was really nice, I’m not sure the few patches of smooth single track will warrant a return trip.

    We did it counter-clockwise, as suggested by the Bike Hermit’s video, but I am not sure that makes much of a difference. We still had to walk large portions of downhill because of the rutting and damage to the trail.

    If you are planning a trip on this trail, here are some notes:
    * The scenery throughout is awesome with great views.
    * Even in early September, we found plenty of water along the trail. There are lots of wet creek crossings.
    * We found pretty good camping with water nearby between where trail 145 branches off to the West and trail 143 branches off to the East.
    * Be prepared for a hike-a-bike slog.
    * Check out the nearby Burgdorf hot springs. We stayed in the rustic cabins one night and it was a great time.


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