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When you purchase a Surly Bikes frame set from the Bike Touring News Store we make sure it is ready for you to start hanging parts on it. When we get a frame we take it out of the box and remove the protective packaging and inspect the frame for obvious damage. We use our frame alignment tools to check the alignment of the dropouts and of the frame itself. We chase the threads in the bottom bracket shell and in all the rack and fender braze-ons to clean out the paint over-spray. We face and ream the head tube so the headset will fit clean and straight. If you have an external bearing bottom bracket we will face the bottom bracket shell too.

Then we put all the protective packaging back on the bike and re-box it, making sure it will get to you in the same condition. We have never offered complete component kits for sale but we are beginning to add the components a la carte so you can get everything you need for your complete bike. And soon we hope to offer complete kits- which will do a couple things;
1) Make it easier and less expensive for the customer
2) Ensure compatibility of all the parts. 
So we’ll have that going for us.

chasing threads

Chasing the threads in the fork eyelets

headtube facing

Facing and reaming the head tube

Chasing bottom bracket threads

Chasing the bottom bracket shell threads

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