Empowering The Bicycle Traveler

NAHBS , Day One

Tim had this bike painted twice and still was not completely happy. Looked pretty good to me!

As promised, here is a pic of  Tim O’Donell’s fillet brazed road bike. We are right next to YiPsan Bicycles‘ booth. Renold has some good ideas. Especially the porteur/low rider front rack. The two side platforms on the front rack come off and attach to the lower stays to support panniers. A really clever solution and one that I’m sure will be reproduced in a production way by somebody judging from the number of photos taken during the day. When you see it, know where it came from.

The YiPsan transformer rack. The right side of the platform has been removed and attached to the right stays to support a low rider pannier.

The YiPsan transformer front rack.

YiPsan transformer rack. This is the right side platform attached to the side for a front low rider pannier

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