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Surly E.C.R. and Straggler Bikes…..Coming Soon!

Side view of ECR

Surly’s ECR 29+ Camping Rig
photo: surlybikes.com/blog

Surly Bikes introduced a few new models for 2014 at the annual SaddleDrive event  in Ogden, Utah last month. It was invitation only for “top dealers from across the country” and the seemingly arbitrary selection process for invitees left us out.  Just so I know where I stand!  I had to find out about the new Surly bikes after a customer came in looking for one which I had never heard of. Guess I don’t spend enough time surfing the web either, because several media outlets already had reviews out, which is where our customer heard about the bike. I think I am up to speed now and my rep even sent me an advance copy of the catalog pages for the new bikes which, in what I believe is an internet scoop, I am sharing with you lucky lot. We put in our pre-season order too so not only will we get some of the first ones but we should be first in line when the bikes come back in stock after the first shipment sells out (which I am predicting will happen). We are also supposed to get a couple of the Interbike display bikes after Interbike the end of September and should be able to keep them for a few weeks. Thanks Kory! You’re exculpated.

The Surly E.C.R. is designed to roll on 29″ (700c), 3 inch wide tires on Surly’s 50mm wide Rabbit Hole rims. The inflated tire diameter approaches 31 inches. The large contact point, high volume, big diameter should provide  tractor like grip and traction. The bike is not just an Ogre with big tires and it is not the same as the Krampus. The geometry has been tweaked slightly from either of those and there are plenty of attachment points for racks and bottle cages making it  suitable for off road adventure bike camping.
Surly ECR Catalog Page
Surly ECR Complete Bike Specs
ECR Frame Geometry and Specs

straggler side view

Surly Straggler

The other new bike we like is the Surly Straggler, which is basically a Cross Check with disc brakes and a few other differences:
-The rear dropout spacing is 135mm rather than 132.5 because most disc hubs are 135mm.
-The rear dropouts are a partially closed horizontal design with a set screw which can be threaded in either from the front of the dropout or the rear, depending on whether a derailleur or a single speed setup is being used.

surly straggler dropouts

I know, I can’t figure it out either. The set screw goes in from either direction but shouldn’t the axle be up in the horizontal part?

And the complete bike comes with the new Surly Knard 700×41 tires, placing it squarely in the monster cross category (For those of you who are into categories. You know who you are.) Also suitable for precious Gravel Grinders.

Straggler Catalog Page
Straggler Complete Specs
Straggler Frame Specs

In conclusion, this is some innovation right here, not just bafflement of  the people with lighter, shinier and more expensive versions of the same old shit. Surly is exploring the the edges and pushing the boundaries.  Bike Touring News is a Surly Intergalactic Dealer and we are excited about the new bikes. We think they have the potential to open up new areas…. in a physical sense as much as a mentality or attitude about riding bikes.

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  • Andrew August 14, 2013, 10:46 pm

    I feel I can shed some light on the Straggler dropouts, as I have seen them up close and personal. The axle does actually sit in the horizontal slot, like it would make sense to. That picture, upon closer examination, shows a single speed set up with plenty of slack in the chain, as the wheel is shown in the process of being dropped out of the frame. This view shows the full extent of the dropouts. Even the rotor isn’t seated in the caliper.

  • Nic November 24, 2013, 11:56 pm

    I want an ECR so BAD!!!!!


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