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Surly Long Haul Trucker Deluxe

To Boise from Taiwan via Minneapolis.

The Bike Touring News store stocks all sizes of the Surly Long Haul Trucker in Boise, ID so stop by and test ride one, or more. Surly makes strong, serviceable and sensible bicycle frames from 4130 Chrome Molybdenum steel. We are huge fans. The Long Haul Trucker is designed for long distance, loaded travel in relative comfort. The LHT Deluxe comes with S & S Couplers, machined, stainless steel torque fittings which are brazed into the top tube and down tube. When disconnected the frame comes apart in two pieces, making it possible to pack a complete bicycle into a case that is within airline regulation sizes, without too much disassembly. If you have some time to kill, the company that makes the couplers, S&S Machine has an informative and interesting site.

picture of frame

The Trucker Deluxe from Surly has two stainless steel couplers which make it possible to take the bike apart for travel.


picture of closed coupler

One coupler on the down tube and one on the top tube.


S&S Coupler

The stainless steel sleeve is tightened with a special wrench, compressing the teeth ot the Hirth joint to connect the tubes.


Frame apart

Dismembered Surly Trucker Deluxe

Anyhoo, if you will be doing a lot of traveling and would rather have your own bike than a rental, then a bike with S&S Couplers might be an option. There is a special wrench made for tightening and loosening the couplers and it is important to use the recommended grease on the mating surfaces. You’ll need cable coupler disconnect fittings for your shift cables and rear brake cable too.

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  • Sarah B November 8, 2011, 8:47 pm

    Based on a few years of blissful Surly Traveler’s Check ownership, I must say that Surly has made the ONLY improvement I could possibly conceive of on this concept- a frame with the geometry for panniers!

    The S & S couplers on my Traveler’s check have worked flawlessly, and not just on the occasion that I travel (domestic and international) but also on a rigorous daily basis, including strenuous hill country riding, cyclocross racing, buff singletrack spinning, and hard group road riding. They don’t creak and moan like the Ritchey breakaway bikes do, and the couplers rarely need tightening, although you should check them before every ride.
    My only disappointment with the Traveler’s Check frame was discovered when i wanted to try touring, and couldn’t get panniers on the rear OR front of the bike, due to it’s short-coupled cyclocross bike geometry. with the Long Haul Trucker frame, that problem should go away. I used a BOB trailer for a few overnights, but that just isn’t the same as touring with panniers.

    If, no, When I can convince myself to buy another bike frame, this will be it- Another step closer to that “perfect” bike we all seek throughout our lives as bicycle-obsessed dorks.

    • Bike Hermit November 9, 2011, 7:57 am

      According to the Velominati the correct number of bikes a person should own is n+1 with n being the number currently owned. I see a Trucker Deluxe in your future.


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