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Millcreek Panniers from Lone Peak

In case you aren’t  familiar with Loan Peak Packs – They are a made in the USA, previously based in Salt Lake City but recently relocated to Marysville, Washington.  The craftsmanship has always been top notch and the panniers are well worth the price.  We have stocked the Mount Superior Pannier since we opened.  A large capacity pannier that is perfect for the long distance traveler.

Recently we were discussing the Lone Peak product line with Gary and expressed our interest bringing in a smaller pannier that could work either on the front or on the rear.  Gary suggested we consider the Millcreek.  Our first set arrived just in time for the Wandering Wheels  S24O to Sheep Creek Reservoir.  For this trip, the Bike Hermit decided he would take Norm – the Surly Crosscheck with the large Paul Components basket.

Norm also was happy to be a tent pole for the Hennessy Hammock

Norm has a custom bag that fits perfectly into the basket and the Bike Hermit was quite pleased with the items he could carry.  While he had the stove and his hammock, fitting food and the sleeping bag were a challenge.

Normally, on a S24O I take my Gilles Berthoud front bag and a Zimbale 18 liter but the Millcreeks were calling to me and we wanted to try them out before we offered them in the store.  Suffice it to say, we need to order more Millcreeks for the store as I will be hard pressed to relinquish the pair I tried out.

The Millcreek Pannier

Right off the bat, packing the Millcreek’s are a breeze. The main compartment unzips completely, like a suitcase, making layering and adjusting and FINDING items easy.  No more pawing through the pannier or needing to dump half of your items on the ground to find something.

Main compartment

The secondary pocket, also called the large front pocket was a great spot for my camp shoes, camp jacket and assorted small camping necessities. It has a 3/4 zip so again easy to access.

Large front pocket, 3/4 zip

The final “pocket” is mesh, with a zipper so great for damp items, gear you want to use during the day, etc.

zippered mesh pocket is also ample in size

I had more than enough room for all my gear (except the tent) – but my hammock would have fit had I chosen to take it.  I also packed enough food for the two of us and still had room left over.

Other features that impress me – the panniers stand alone, so nice when taking on and off the bike.  The nylon compression strap can be used for extra security by attaching it to the rack but even on dirt and gravel roads the pannier’s didn’t bounce around at all.  The locking system was easy to use.  A minor issue for me and my Nitto Rack is the bungee with the s-hook that attaches at the bottom.  With my rack I just need make sure it stays in place as I pull the pannier up to hook on the top.

The nylon fabric is high quality and very water resistant (tested by riding through a creek) but for those who ride in wet climates Lone Peak makes a rain cover as well.

I know I will be recommending these to many fellow bike travelers.

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  • Sky King March 19, 2016, 11:43 am

    Just a quick update. It’s 2016, my panniers are still going strong – now they also travel on my Surly ECR on Bike Packing Adventures. Lone Peak has updated the bungee/hook attachment, allowing better fine tuning to fit your rack. see photos in our store.


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