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Ultralight Bike Mirror

picture of mirror

Ultralight Bike Mirror
a.k.a. Ultralite German Mirror

The Ultralight Bike Mirror is made in Germany by D+D Oberlauda and is a consistent best seller in the Bike Touring News store… for good reason; not only is it lightweight (about 2 oz./57 grams) but it will attach to virtually any handlebar. Instead of being inserted in the end of the bar it attaches by means of a hose clamp which is tightened by a brass screw. A locking ball and socket joint allows the mirror to pivot through a wide range so that the view can be dialed in precisely. And the lens is a unique asymmetrical design with a parabolic curve for an incredible wide-angle view. Here’s a little video we did on how it installs. Did I mention- these make great gifts?

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