Empowering The Bicycle Traveler

Sky King

Tour De Cure Women’s Bike Series

We received a call the other day from someone about the Tour De Cure Women Series coming up in Santa Barbara on October 27th.  At first, my thought was why are you calling us, we are in Idaho.  Thankfully the light bulb went on quickly and I was flattered that she recognized Bike Touring News Read More

The ever necessary Water Bottle

Living in the High Desert we have come to appreciate the ability to carry enough water when touring.  Look closely at the Bike Hermit's feet and you can see his white water bottle attached underneath his down tube. (click on the photo to see it better)  The challenge is "Chief",  his A Homer Hilsen, only Read More

Millcreek Panniers from Lone Peak

In case you aren't  familiar with Loan Peak Packs - They are a made in the USA, previously based in Salt Lake City but recently relocated to Marysville, Washington.  The craftsmanship has always been top notch and the panniers are well worth the price.  We have stocked the Mount Superior Pannier since we opened.  A Read More

Taking it slow in the Hagerman Valley

As the Bike Hermit is deep into his remodeling project, Sky King jumped at the chance to do some great slow pedaling with the ladies.  This turned out to be a perfect way to enjoy spring weather, work in bird watching and be reminded that life is about the journey, not the destination. Lisa, Julie Read More

TransAmerican Trike Adventure

Okay, I must confess that when Kurt stopped in the Cave in January to fill us in on the planned adventure we both thought he was nuts.  Of course some people think we are nuts as well so that is fair.  Kurt and his 9 year old daughter are traveling cross country riding a Recumbent Read More