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Nitto M-12-2 Front Rack

The Bike Hermit likes his front bag because it is easy to reach even when riding and because it has a map case on the top for… maps. A “handlebar” bag, one that attaches only to the handlebar, is not ideal because it affects the steering of the bike too much. One that is supported on a low front rack is better. The Nitto M-12-2 rack is a tubular steel rack made in Tokyo, Japan by the Nitto company. It works on bikes with cantilever brakes and will support a front “rando bag” such as those made by Gilles Berthoud, Acorn or Swift. A person could just strap a dry sack or a tent or zip tie a basket on it too. Since the mounting points are up out of the way, “low-rider” racks and panniers can be used at the same time! The “-2” after M-12 references the two light mount braze-ons- one on either side of the rack.

Nitto M12 on Surly Long Haul Trucker

The Nitto M-12 front rack attaches to the cantilever brake bosses and the brake hole in the fork crown.

replacement brake stud for NItto M-12

Replace the button head brake bolt on the left with the double ended stud on the right.

Nitto M-12

The rack bolted to the replacement brake stud.

Berthoud GB28 on Nitto M-12

And now, Mr. Berthoud can come along!

Some minor tweaks may need to be made to get the rack arms or struts to line up with the respective holes and bolts, but these are made of tubular chrome-moly steel which can stand up to a small amount of judicial bending. Just be careful about bending the piece too far….make small incremental adjustments so that you won’t need to bend it back.

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  • Marion Morris February 26, 2016, 11:43 am

    Hello Bike Hermit, How much do you have to bend to align up with the brake bosses? Also, does this rack fit the LHT with 26X1 1/2″ tires?

    thanks, Marion

    • Bike Hermit® February 27, 2016, 1:05 pm

      The M-12-2 will fit on the 26″ wheel Disc Trucker with only some minor tweaking. I usually run the tang bolt through the brake bolt hole in the fork crown first and then carefully torque the two legs by hand until they fit over the brake caliper bolts.


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