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Ortlieb Panniers – Back Roller Classic

Ortlieb Back Roller panniers mounted on rack

The Ortlieb Back Roller Classic in red.

The German maker of Ortlieb Panniers is a well known and highly regarded bicycle pannier maker. The company also makes motorcycle dry bags and panniers, horse panniers, drybags, messenger bags and rucksacks, water containers, protection bags for electronics and documents, coffee filter holders and , my personal favorite accessory, a waterproof, toilet paper holder/dispenser.

The Ortlieb catalog points out that sustainability of their production is due in part to how long the products are expected to last and the fact that they are easily repairable if damage occurs. To that end they offer replacement parts and patch kits and back up durability claims with a 5 year warranty.

The Back Roller and Front Roller panniers are no frills bags made from pvc coated polyester fabric with welded seams rendering them waterproof. The roll top closure system keeps out dust and water. There are no external pockets on these panniers and only one side pocket inside.

Rear view of Ortlieb bag showing mounting system

Ortlieb's QL1 mounting system. The hooks on the top rail adjust side to side and the lower arm pivots as well as slides.

rear view of mounted Ortlieb back rollers

From the top rail of the rack to the bottom of the bag measures 34 cm.

These panniers fit fine on the MT-Campee rack with the bottom edge trailing only slightly below the rack, but not so low as to interfere with the rear derailleur cable. Made to fit on almost any rack such as, besides this one, the Tubus Cosmo, Tubus Logo, both sizes of the Tubus Cargo and the Racktime TourIt.
In the next post I want to try the Racktime TravelIt pannier and then I should be ready to announce the winner of this little comparison and the lucky bag which will be traveling with us on the Olympic Peninsula the first week of August.

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  • david reuteler July 20, 2011, 1:01 pm

    hey jim, that’s great. now if you’re done with your vacation, could you re-open your store? i’m sick of the 16 year olds.

    • Bike Hermit July 20, 2011, 1:29 pm

      Patience, my friend. The second week in August!


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