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Tubus Quick Release Adapter

Tubus quick release mounting kit

The Tubus quick release mounting kit

Made for use with Tubus racks, the Tubus Quick Release Adaptermakes it possible to mount a rack securely on a bike without threaded braze on tabs at the dropouts. The package comes with two brackets meant to be attached to the lower two bolt holes on Tubus racks. The supplied skewer is then threaded through the bracket on one side, a shim, (also supplied) the hub axle, and the shim and bracket on the other side and tightened down with the standard cam lever. There are shims provided of two different thicknesses, and the adapter will work on any rear dropout spacing.

Keep in mind that, if your bike doesn’t have eyelets at the dropouts, chances are it wont have eyelets on the seatstays and some sort of clamping arrangement will need to be made there. Tubus makes a stainless steel clamp with a thick and firm cushioning liner, in various sizes, just for this purpose.

Quick release mounting adapter

The two brackets are made to attach to the two holes in the bottom of Tubus racks.


adapter mounted to bike

The replacement skewer runs through the hub axle and the brackets. Shims are supplied to go over the skewer for different widths of rear frame spacing.

As can be seen in this last photo, the brackets cause the rack to be mounted a little bit farther back than if it were attached to the braze on eyelets. This might also be a good solution for bikes with shorter chainstays when the pannier placement results in heel strike.

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  • Andrew July 27, 2011, 3:48 pm

    Could this be modded to work as some sort of saddle bag support? It looks like the right shape, it just needs an attachment to the seat rails and a rod to attach the bag to.


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