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Rivet Saddles

My personal quest for a comfortable bicycle saddle which I can sit on for consecutive hours in relative comfort came to an end (uh,huh,huh) when I tried the Gilles Berthoud Aspin saddle. But that solution didn't work out for my wife and riding/touring partner. The shape wasn't quite right. For her the Rivet Pearl saddle Read More

I recently changed handlebars on my A. Homer Hilsen. Going from the 48cm Dirt Drop bars to the same model in the 52cm width will hopefully provide a more natural position for my arms and give better stability for the loaded bike. The clamp bolt on one of the brake levers was somehow stripped or Read More

Selle An-Atomica Saddle

"Saving Your Butt, One ride at a Time"  What a great tag line! Customer feedback and diligent perusal of various on-line forums (somebody's got to do it, the internet's not going to read itself!) encouraged us to stock the Selle Anatomica saddles in the store. The saddles have a long cutout intended not only to Read More

Saddle Comfort and Bike Touring

Just what is the best saddle for touring???  Drum Roll, please.  The best saddle for touring is the saddle that fits your behind and allows you to ride in comfort!! Okay maybe that wasn’t the answer you were looking for, but it is the best we have to offer.  No two people are shaped the Read More

Nitto Dirt Drop Handlebars

The Bike Touring News store stocks two different versions of the Nitto Dirt Drop handlebar. The main difference between the two, or so I thought, is the diameter of the bar at the stem clamp sleeve. The RM-013 is 26.0mm and the RM-014 is 31.8 mm. I recently did a side by side comparison and Read More